The Mega Millions jackpot has surged to $1.02 billion! Unbelievably no tickets matched all six winning numbers( 7, 29, 60, 63, 66 Mega Ball 15.) in Tuesday night's drawing. Lottery spokesperson, Marie Kilbane, told CNN "All jurisdictions have reported in, and no one has hit the Mega Millions jackpot. So, the jackpot will roll to $1,025,000,000 for Friday, July 29, 2022." By the way, the cash payout will now be a cool $602.5 million for the winner!

Raising Cane's CEO, Todd Graves, did a super cool thing for all his employee's and purchased all of them 1 Mega Millions ticket for Tuesday night's drawing. Then turned around did his workers another solid and bought another round of Mega tickets again! Graves spent $100,000 on his workers in three days! Whether he has the money, or rights it off at the end of the year or not, the gesture is pretty darn amazing. If nothing else, lets his workers know he cares, which in turn will do a lot for the morale. Graves explained why he did it to the press saying, “As soon as we heard how big this jackpot prize is, we couldn’t miss out on the chance to win the Mega Millions jackpot and share it with our crew who always stand together.”

No one won the jackpot Tuesday, but a person in Ohio had a Megaplier ticket (which costs an additional $1) and matched 5 numbers, and won $3 million. Another eight ticket holders matched 5 numbers on a standard Mega ticker and cashed in on $1 million a piece. Now everyone is hoping to buy the luckiest ticket on the planet for a chance to win $1 billion! Even though I fully plan on winning in Friday night's drawing, I don't mind sharing the Mega jackpot. So, I just want to wish you all good luck in winning a piece of the pie.

For the Mega Lottery-playing newbies out there, the next drawing is Friday, July 29, 2022, at 10 p.m. CT. If there is a winner Friday, the $1.02 billion jackpot would make that person the 3rd biggest Mega Millions jackpot since the Lottery rolled it out nearly 20 years ago. By the way, the biggest hit in 2018 where the winner won $1.537 billion, and the 2nd largest winner was a $1.05 billion jackpot.

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