Jamie Floyd, a candidate for the District C seat on the Rapides Parish School Board, has created a campaign sign that is causing controversy both in his community and across the state.

The sign shows a monkey hanging from a branch by its tail and reads: "A few of my ancestors may have sung by their necks but none swung by their tails...Creation Not Evolution"

You can view the sign in the video from KALB-TV below.

Floyd provided the following statement to KALB-TV:

"I have used this line in a past Town Talk article and never once received a negative comment. I also ran it by other races before putting it out and they understood what I was saying. I do believe in creation and not evolution. That I am not sorry for."

Floyd identifies himself as a "Conservative Republican" and some of his other campaign messages include lines such as, "I'm your Huckleberry" and "Make the school board great again."

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