The excitement is in the air and when people often say give people their flowers while they're here. I think tonight will be the perfect example of that. B.E.T will be premiering a docu-series on No Limit Records. This is one of the biggest labels from the south and featured everyone from Master P, Mystikal, Mia X and Fiend who will be calling in to the show today.

Make sure you tune in around 6:20 as I'll be talking to Fiend about his start with No Limits, the ups and downs of the label and what he is currently working on as far as fashions and music.

The Docu-series will kick off tonight at 7 pm and continue through the rest of the week. I am excited about it and while I came up on the No Limit music, it will be great to hear it from the artist on the label and give us a little insight about things we may not have been familiar with.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming series "No Limit Chronicles"



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