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We got to thinking about how a lot has changed in the Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana area over the years. We have seen things built and things torn down. We have buildings in the city that are still standing but no stores are inside.

Those are the ones we drive by every day and say to ourselves or someone else, you know what used to be there? We went on social media and posed this question, "Show your age. Post a store that was in SWLA that is no longer in existence."

We started it with a few stores that came to our mind like Musicland and The White House that was inside the Prien Lake Mall or TG&Y, which was located on Oak Park Blvd at 5th avenue in Lake Charles.

As you can imagine, our social media and app chat exploded with all sorts of great answers. These stores will not only show our age but also bring you to back in the day and make you say, I remember that place!

Here are some of the great responses we were sent.

  • Bargers Drug Store
  • Bob's Lemonade stand in the mall
  • Delchamps
  • Charles Cinema
  • Abe's Grocery Store
  • Godfather's Pizza
  • Kay Bee Toys in the mall
  • Burger Chef
  • Shakey's Pizza
  • Pepper's Roadhouse
  • Wagon Wheel BBQ
  • Black Angus
  • Bonanza
  • Papania's

The list kept growing. Try these on for size.

  • George Theriot's grocery stores
  • Eckerd's Drug Stores
  • Muller's in downtown Lake Charles
  • Piccadilly in the mall
  • Mere's Grocery stores
  • Bookworm's Apple
  • John's Barn
  • Montgomery Ward in the mall
  • Pat O'Carroll's restaurant
  • Park N Shop on Hwy 171
  • Video Attractions in Sulphur
  • The Cover up clothing store on Ryan Street

Talk about going down memory lane. Chat with us though our app to let us know which stores we missed.

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