I was given the opportunity to be the Marshall for the Merchant's Parade in Lake Charles back in 2016. I was surprised to be given the prestigious honor and took it very seriously. I have to thank the committee and Rebecca Moss along with friend Kris St. James who thought enough of me to even consider giving me the opportunity. This meant that I would be the first person that many would see when the parade would be going down Ryan Street. Obviously, I would be nervous, but I couldn't wait and I was looking to have a great time.

When I received the news I told pretty much everyone who was important to me and that would include all of my co-workers. They were very proud of that moment and to them, we all were leading the parade as we are all family. My brother and former co-worker Big Boy Chill recommended playing off of honor and really taking it to the next level. This is where hilarity ensued like no other. Anyone who truly knows me knows that having an ego is the furthest thing from me. I am proud of what I do and confident in what I bring to the table, but having an ego is something that I just can't and won't have. This is what made the video that much funnier to make and watch.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

Chill said lets really act like this went to your head and you are one of the most obnoxious people to be around. While it was hard to place myself in that position, I followed his lead and the rest came out to be something that has now become a classic

This was a great time for me and again I was truly honored to be given the chance to lead many of the great businesses down Lake Charles on that chilly Friday Night. The fun is getting ready to kick off again and I am sure that I will be on the sideline this time trying to get my hands on some of those wonderful Mard Gras beads.

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