Depending on your age, it has had many names while being a staple of the Lake Charles skyline. It is considered to be a Class-A skyscraper, and until Lauberge Lake Charles was built, it was the tallest building in Lake Charles, standing at 21 stories. Ground was broken on the building in 1982, and it was completed in 1983. It's 400,000 square feet of space sits on four acres. At the time of construction, it cost an estimated $45 million to build.

The first name the building was given was the Calcasieu Marine National Bank, shortened to be the CM Tower by locals. It was then purchased by Hibernia National Bank and became the Hibernia Tower. In 2005, Capital One acquired Hibernia, and the tower was then renamed to the Capital One Building (or tower).


Inside of the building is not only a bank on its bottom floor, but also offices through the upper levels of the tower. Eight elevators are divided to provide access to the various floors in the building's tower and there are escalators to provide access to the second floor located in the atrium of the building. It also features full-length emergency staircases in the back and two large freight elevators.

The building's iconic windows were destroyed in 2005 after Hurricane Rita came ashore. Recently, its green windows were almost totally destroyed during Hurricane Laura, causing the building to lose almost all of its windows, while the south side of the building was almost totally destroyed.


On Zillow, there is actually office space you can rent inside of the building, so I thought it would be neat to take a look at a typical floor of office space inside, before it was boarded up after Hurricane Laura. You can rent this floor of the building for $12,628 a month. With that price tag, you get a training area, office spaces, and over 10,000 square feett of office space. Plus, a fancy break room.

Take an Inside Look at the Capital One Building

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