I went down memory lane with my parents the other day about places we used to eat back in the day. I remember specifically after church, First Baptist Church Sulphur, we would slide down with my parents' friends to the buffet at the Holiday in on Hwy 27. They had the best desserts as I remember. Course we would also slide over to Western Sizzlin' in Lake Charles on Prien Lake Road. We spent almost an hour reminiscing on the old places we would go eat, and then the places they would go eat before I was ever a twinkle in their eyes. Rooting around as I do on Facebook, I found someone had the same idea of places we miss eating. So here is a little list down memory lane of places we miss going to eat in Lake Charles and the surrounding area!

  • Shakey's pizza - Dad told me there was a siren and an organ inside of this place and he would actually go over and play the organ for pizza when Mom was working. I am not surprised.
  • Bonanza - The rolls and the salad bar. Sweet Baby Jesus
  • Pat O'Carrols - My parents STILL have some of the plastic cups from there when we would order their smoothies. They even had a Halloween cup that glowed in the dark. I still have it. Plus, I still have my birthday shirt from there that says "I Got Creamed for My Birthday at Pat O'Carrols
  • Schileighlies - The House Dressing. Need I say more?
  • Peppers - Brad Brinkley or Judd Barres playing music, a pitcher of Margaritas, Chips and Salsa.
  • Jean Lafitte's
  • Paw Paw's - I still say that boat was floating in 100000 feet of water!
  • Mr. D's on the Bayou - I'd sneak crackers out of there to feed the ducks!
  • Chastain's  - That brisket thoooooooo
  • Cajun Cafe
  • Cafe Margeaux
  • Godfather's Pizza
  • Piccadilly - Hamburger steak, mac n cheese, roll, chocolate pie, and a grape drink
  • Boredon's Ice Cream - There is still one in Lafayette, just FYI.
  • Whataburger on Ryan Street - You know I had to add that one in!

There are a ton more I am sure I missed, but I am 40 so you oldies will need to chime in to make the list grow! Go leave a comment on our Facebook page and let me know what I missed, and what you miss!

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