In case you missed our list of Lousiana products you could buy on Amazon Prime Day last year, we came up with a brand new set of recommendations for 2018! From Lousiana Driver's Licenses for your pets to LSU-scented perfume, we've got something on our list for everyone. Or no one, because some of these things are pretty dang ridiculous.

  • Homesick via Amazon
    Homesick via Amazon

    Louisiana Homesick Scented Candle


    For the low, low price of $29.95, you can take the authentic smells of Lousiana with you wherever you go! Kinda.

    The seller claims the candle "smells like a southern bouquet of magnolia, honeysucks, and country jasmine." So nothing like Louisiana, in other words.

    We'll wait for the "French Quarter During Mardi Gras" scent.

  • fagraphix via Amazon
    fagraphix via Amazon

    Louisiana AR15 Sticker


    Let people know how much you love freedom with this unique AR15 sticker with the Louisiana state flag kinda/sorta placed on it.

    Stick it in the back window of your pick-up to let people know you mean business, y'all.

  • Key of Z Rubboards via Amazon
    Key of Z Rubboards via Amazon

    "Authentic" Zydeco Rubboard


    That's right, for only 200 clams, you can own yourself an authentic Zydeco "rubboard," which probably looks a lot like a much cheaper washboard to the untrained eye, but do not be deceived!

    According to the seller, this brand of rubboard is "often imitated, never duplicated," so definitely don't bother picking up this regular old washboard for $20.

    It's not worth it.

  • Crock-Pot via Amazon
    Crock-Pot via Amazon

    LSU Crock-Pot


    You can cook up just about anything in a normal crock-pot, but nothing will ever taste better than what you cook in an LSU crock-pot.

    This one even comes with a handy, travel-friendly locking lid perfectly suited to tailgating.

    What are you waiting for? Act now!

  • 1 Cute Pooch via Amazon
    1 Cute Pooch via Amazon

    Louisiana Driver's License For Your Pet


    In addition to The 7 Type of Lousiana Drivers we're all familiar with (click the link if you don't know what we're talking about), there's a less common, 8th driver in the Bayou State: Pets.

    Why not make it totally legit and legal for your furbaby to drive the family car by picking up an authentic, completely not at all fake Louisana Driver's License for your pet?*

    *Pet driver's license is neither legit nor legal, so don't come crying to us when Fido gets pulled over doing 90 down I-10.

  • The Cornhole Crew via Amazon
    The Cornhole Crew via Amazon

    Louisiana Cornhole Boards


    You can pay $200 for these cornhole boards with the Lousiana state flag on them, if you really want to.

    Or you could just build your own like a real Louisianan.

    Your call, Cap'n.

  • Masik Collegiate Fragrances
    Masik Collegiate Fragrances

    LSU Perfume


    With top notes of "sparkling mandarin, purple plum, and golden bourbon," middle notes of "dewy evening jasmine, Egyptian tuberose, and Turkish rose petals, and base notes of "deep patchouli, black agar, warm honey, and soft oak," there's a lot going on in this LSU perfume.

    The seller claims this mess of stink captures "the essence" of LSU, but we don't know about all that. From what we can remember of college, it mostly smelled like cheap beer and Febreze™, but whatever.

    Maybe we did it wrong.

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