If you hadn't seen the bio pic "Roxanne Roxanne", it is a must see film that highlights the career of an artist who never truly got her due. Roxanne Shante was at the epitome of her game while working with artist like MC Shan, Biz Markie and producer Marley Marl. But she was outshined by others due to black on black racism and a life that many wouldn't be able to talk about or even survive through.

I truly enjoyed the movie and it's one of those that you should watch if you are an artist or wanting to be in the field of education. She stopped by a week ago to talk about the upcoming movie and her life and things that she had to deal with during her career.


Roxanne Shante Talks To The Breakfast Club:

When it comes to hip hop in its truest form. There are not many females who influenced the game ;like Roxanne Shante. Also make sure you check out the movie and find out who she actually influenced towards the end. This was a great movie and a good effort from Netflix to help preserve the culture of Hip Hop.

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