The New Orleans Saints have canceled all four of their preseason games for the 2020-2021 season. The reasoning behind the cancellation is to allow more time for them to prepare the stadium, employees, and staff for the fans' health and safety when entering for games.

The NFL has stated that it will not have any general guidelines put in place regarding the safety of the team stadiums. They are leaving it up to each venue to do what they think is best for their fans while adhering to the local guidelines put in place by their states.

The only rule they are implementing for fans is that, if a fan attends a game, they will be required to wear a face covering. That shouldn't be hard for Saints fans; we have plenty of paper grocery bags.  According to an article published by, they are still discussing capacity of the stadium in the Superdome.

Indianapolis Colts v New Orleans Saints
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Season ticket holders for this season will be allowed a refund for the canceled games or given a credit toward tickets for next season. The Saints also announced that the training game will be closed to fans for this season, as well.

Will we see a full Superdome this football season? Probably not. The team continues to release statements that they are working hard to make sure whatever decision they make for fans, it will be the safest option possible.

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