Ever since the incident happened during Pro Bowl Weekend at the very end of the last NFL season, Alvin Kamara one of the New Orleans Saints' star players has been bracing for the consequences. And now sources close to the NFL are suggesting that the prolific running back for the Black and Gold will miss multiple games because of that incident.

Saints RB Alvin Kamara
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Admittedly, a lot of the chinwag about Kamara's off-the-field dust-up has been overshadowed by other NFL news. Namely the inappropriate sexual conduct allegations against Deshaun Watson and the whole Baker Mayfield/Cleveland Browns fiasco are still ongoing. But so has the NFL's investigation of what happened that Pro Bowl Weekend in Las Vegas.

Kamara and his legal representatives are due in court in August to answer the allegations made against him in the Las Vegas incident. Kamara was arrested and charged with "battery resulting in substantial bodily harm"

Those close to the story are suggesting the NFL will not wade into Kamara's availability for the upcoming season until the legal wrangling has concluded in Las Vegas. As we mentioned Kamara and his team are due in court in August. The outcome of that court appearance will play a major part in how long the Saints star could be suspended and when that suspension will be implemented.

Pro Football Talk has tweeted what their sources are telling them about Kamara's situation.

Besides missing Kamara for a third of the season the other question that Saints fans will want to have answered is when exactly would that suspension take place? It is possible the league could impose a suspension before the start of the season but as we mentioned, the timing of that will likely be tied to how quickly court proceedings in Las Vegas are concluded.

It also brings to mind another question. If Kamara were to get six games for battery, then just how long should we expect the NFL to suspend Deshaun Watson? Watson did announce settlements with 20 of his 24 alleged victims on inappropriate sexual conduct but we're still not sure how the NFL is going to react to that.

Deshaun Watson
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Quite frankly if Kamara gets six games for beating up a guy on an elevator, allegedly. Then Watson shouldn't be allowed to play at all next year, that's my opinion. But it will probably unfold this way. Watson will be forced to sit out the preseason while Kamara will miss the heart of the Saints' schedule.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference
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Why do I suggest those off-balance terms? We all know Roger Goodell has a burr in his butt against the Saints. The previous history is all you need to know. And all of these allegations make great drama which is what you want when you're running a made-for-TV theatre troop masquerading as a professional sport.

Don't you just love NFL conspiracy theories?

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