Over the weekend, there was a rise in Christian community as Kirk Franklin was jolted into the spotlight, and not because of his music. Kirk had a son prior to his marriage who is 33-year-old Kerrion Franklin. Apparently, they were having a phone conversation and things got heated. While on speakerphone, Kirk can be heard using explicit language while speaking with him.

Not long after the footage was leaked, Kirk issued a video apologizing for his actions. He disclosed there was a family counselor on the phone and Kerrion didn't release that footage. You can see and hear the apology below from Kirk.

I have tried to live my life by not judging others. However, with this one, I personally don't see anything wrong. This was a family matter, but a 33-year-old man decided to expose family business to the world. We have all done things behind the scenes that many will never know, and this was no different. We asked some of our followers on our Facebook page if they thought Kirk should have apologized, and here are some of the responses.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

The family obviously has their share of problems, which we all do. It is not for us to look down on them for any of their shortcomings. I firmly believe the people are the ones placing the perfect expectations that celebrities and those in the public eye never asked for. I am hopeful the family will work things out and get back on track. I am a firm believer of the family and keeping them together.

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