Jackson Mississippi native J Wonn has been on the scene for several years. I remember the first time I heard the single "I Got This Record". The talk was that he would be the next great in the R&B and Southern Soul market and from the looks of it. He is on his way.

One thing I like about J Wonn is that he has been around for awhile and seems to really have built his following of fans who support his shows and music.Another thing that I like is that when he releases his music videos, they really show case his style and he has a message in the music. His latest venture is for the single "To My Grave" where he pays tribute to his dad and shows how we should not let what others say bother us. We should take it for what it's worth and go on with our lives. Check out the video below.


J- Wonn- "To My Grave":

Also if you want to travel with the one and only J-Wonn. He has his own cruise that is on the way and will leaving out next year. This is perfect for you to be able to enjoy the friendly seas and great music at the same time.

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