Jackson Mississippi artist J- Wonn just released his latest album "Making Love to Your Mind". He burst on to the scene a few years ago and hasn't looked back since. Since I Got This Record was released in 2013, he has been doing shows all over and creating a buzz that money can't buy.

I had the chance to speak with this young man and I can hear the humbleness and the excitement at the same time of how his career has blown up and how much he loves the response from his new fans. If you have not heard of this young man, you should pick up his latest album and then go back and get some of his older stuff as well. Peep out the videos below and find out why this man will be around for awhile.


J- Wonn- "Be Patient":


J- Wonn- "Will You Be Mine":


J- Wonn- "Your Temptation":

Big shouts out to the young man and I would advise you keep it hear for more music from J- Wonn as well as a chance to see him live in concert coming soon.

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