Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting a phenomenal young man by the name of Jay Croz Tha Chameleon. He hails from Shreveport and has been around for a few years with working with talented people like Cupid and producers like London on the track whose affiliations with Rich Gang and handled a lot of production for Young Thug as well.

The combination was great as London created a different type of sound for the R&B Singer and from the looks of it. I think he has one that will be around for awhile when it comes to having something the ladies will love. The single is called "Alone" and shows a guy flexing his skills for a young lady and showing her that he's the one. The lyrics are reminiscent of some of the balladeers from back in the day including Freddie Jackson and a guy who I think he looks a lot alike Glenn Jones.

Peep out one of his earlier videos and be on the lookout for the upcoming EP to drop later this summer. He is definitely a talented brother and someone to look forward to in the near future. He's also a great interview as some of the others that I have had weren't as down to earth or relatable as he was. Make sure you look him up and download his music and follow him as he will be visiting a city near you soon.

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