Get ready for a great night of R&B with a live interview with Singer Kem. This guy burst on to the scene back around '04-'05 and has been making hits every since. He was raised in the Motor City of Detroit. While originally from Nashville, he has the comparisons of Al Jarreau and a smooth saxophone.

He released a new album last year titled Love Always Wins, which was great during the pandemic we went through, and it really gave me a little comfort in some great music during times when we just didn't know what the future held. Make sure you are tuned in to the 8:00pm hour tonight for conversations and great music with Kem.

I remember going to Amazon and literally purchasing every CD he made. While I can stream the music all day, I wanted to personally have the CD in my possession. This guy is the truth, and you can visualize being on an island with beautiful water with your significant other and no worries.

That's the exact feeling I get when listening to his music.

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