Lake Charles, you finally have a closer location for you if you're interested in getting your COVID-19 shot. The Southwest Louisiana Health Education Center will be offering the vaccines this Saturday April 24.

If you would like to get yours, come by the Pryce/Miller Recreation Center at 216 Albert Street in Lake Charles. You can get your first dose with your second scheduled for May 22. The vaccinations are available for anyone 18 years of age or older.

To schedule your appointment to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, call 1-800-435-2432 or click here. I know we are all looking forward to those family get-togethers, and this will definitely help us get going in the right direction.

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Women have left marks on everything from entertainment and music to space exploration, athletics, and technology. Each passing year and new milestone makes it clear both how recent this history-making is in relation to the rest of the country, as well as how far we still need to go. The resulting timeline shows that women are constantly making history worthy of best-selling biographies and classroom textbooks; someone just needs to write about them.

Scroll through to find out when women in the U.S. and around the world won rights, the names of women who shattered the glass ceiling, and which country's women banded together to end a civil war.

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