UPDATE: BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — State police say a small private plane has crash-landed just off Interstate 10 in Louisiana.

The pilot was the only person on board and he walked away with minor injuries. He told Baton Rouge news outlets he tried to land on the interstate when his engine shut down. He believes the plane "skimmed across the top" of an 18-wheeler before crashing to the side of the highway.

It happened Wednesday morning in the Baton Rouge area, near the line between Ascension and East Baton Rouge parishes.

Images posted by Baton Rouge news outlets show the plane to the side of east-bound lanes at the edge of some woods.


A small plane landed along I-10 in Baton Rouge, eventually coming to a stop in a ditch. It happened this morning around 10:00 a.m. near Highland Road. DOTD traffic cameras show back-ups in the area near a construction zone. Louisiana State Police report only the pilot was inside the plane at the time.


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