Sneaker Politics is one of the premiere spots when it comes to the hottest and latest kicks for your feet. They are now taking it to another level by including one of our favorite guilty pleasures and something that we all need.

Sneaker Politics has teamed up with Saucony and Cafe Du Monde for a new Beignet Inspired sneaker that is going to be released this Saturday, June 22nd.

You can't go to New Orleans without trying out the beignet and a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Now you can pick up a fresh pair of shoes to go along with it. The shoes will come in a box that looks like a take-home box of Beignet mix and will be available in men's sizes 4-14. With the purchase of the shoes, you'll also get beignet mix and cans of Cafe Du Monde ground coffee and chicory.

The shoes are also reasonably priced at $120.00. While there will be roughly 400 pair, there will be a few more going on to stores nationwide.

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