Here we go again. A few weeks ago, it seemed as if all of Louisiana and Texas got snow except for Southwest Louisiana. We got to scroll through Facebook in disgust as others played in various snowy conditions. Will it happen again next week?

Screenshots of phone forecasts have started spreading across social media. They keep showing a chance of snow as far down as Lake Charles. Of course, I had to do my own little research to see what the weather reports were saying. I ran across a post on KPLC talking about the extended forecast for next weekend.

This weekend will be a mix of rain and some clouds. The rain will slowly move out toward Saturday afternoon and into Sunday. After that, it seems like it will be all downhill from there with more wet weather. If the timing works out with the rain and the cold front pushing down into our area at the same time, there is a slim chance we could see a wintry mix of snow in the area. Obviously, being able to nail it this far out is next to impossible, but we can still keep our hopes up.

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