There always seems to be a need for extra money. Unless maybe you just signed on to be the new football coach at LSU or USC. Oh, and there's Coach O chillin' in Destin too. Those guys seem to be doing okay. But folks like you and me, we could always find a use for an extra dollar or two.

Well, in this case, the extra dollar or two is actually $90,000 and the money is coming courtesy of the Louisiana Lottery's Easy Five Game. This is one of what I call the "in-state" games the lottery offers. In other words, it's only available in Louisiana.

Courtesy of Louisiana Lottery
Courtesy of Louisiana Lottery

Easy 5 from the Louisiana Lottery does not get the monster publicity that Powerball and Mega Millions gets. That's because the Easy 5 jackpot generally doesn't reach into the millions of dollars like those multi-state games.

For example, the Powerball jackpot on Saturday, December 4, 2021, will be an estimated $278 million dollars. The next time they draw for the Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday players will have a shot at an estimated $122 million dollars.

So, it's pretty easy to see why the bright lights of the TV cameras would focus on those larger games. But, hey, $90,000 is enough to change someone's life and if you played Easy 5 for December 1, 2021, drawing you just might be holding on to a ticket that will put a lot more Merry in your Christmas.

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Easy 5 offers players the best overall odds of any draw-style game available in the state. To play, players simply select five numbers, one through thirty-seven, and that's it. You can pick your own numbers or you can let the Lottery's computers quick pick for you. Easy 5 drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday night.

So for this past Wednesday night's drawing a single ticket sold in South Louisiana matched all five of the numbers that were drawn. Here are those numbers according to the Louisiana Lottery website.

10   13   18   23   28

If you're December 1st Easy 5 ticket has those numbers you'll want to contact the Louisiana Lottery office nearest you to arrange payment for your $90,000 prize. Based on information from the Louisiana Lottery we know the big winner was sold in Lake Charles.

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

If that business above looks familiar, then you really need to double-check those numbers on that Easy 5 ticket. The Lottery's Big Wins in Louisiana page says the ticket was sold at Tobacco Place, that's located at 2027 Martin Luther King Highway in Lake Charles.

With the big jackpot win, the Easy 5 jackpot is now reset for tonight's drawing. The jackpot will be $50,000 for the Saturday, December 4th game. Hey, if you did win the big money, don't forget to sign the back of your ticket. That will help protect y our interests should that ticket become stolen or misplaced.

Now, speaking of Lake Charles winners, as far as the Lottery is concerned, someone who recently won $50,000 playing the Powerball game back in September has still not claimed their prize. That ticket was sold at a store on Nelson Road. But, it's not like you have to rush, you still have until March of 2022 to claim those winnings.

Maybe you could use some of your winnings to purchase a nice Christmas gift for your favorite New Orleans Saints fans. The way the Black and Gold have been playing as of late, I am thinking the Sean Payton Prayer Candle might be the best idea around.

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