Sports betting in Louisiana has hit a new roadblock and is now delayed for the foreseeable future.

Louisiana residents won't be able to wager on sports in the state until a new gambling regulatory chief is appointed. Former Gaming Control Board Chairman Mike Noel resigned June 9. Noel was a Louisiana State Police Commander at the time of the death of Ronald Greene in 2019. He resigned before having to answer questions from a Louisiana Senate committee about his actions while in command.

Christina Stephens, a spokeswoman for Governor Edwards, released a statement saying the Governor is working hard to find a replacement for Noel. She went on to say Edwards will not just appoint someone to fill the vacant seat. He is going to find a person with the right skill and experience to lead the state's gaming industry.

Louisiana Senators Rick Ward and Regina Barrow both believe the state will be ready to begin sports wagering before the NFL football season is over.

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