State Fire Marshal deputies are investigating a fatal fire in the St. Martinville area.

According to our media partners at KATC, the Cade Volunteer Fire Department was contacted around 10:45 p.m. on Saturday night. When deputies responded to the report, they found the body of an 86-year-old man in a large shed on his property.

So far, investigators have learned the homeowner had a running generator placed in the shed. When he discovered it was out of fuel, it is believed he refueled the equipment while still hot. Shortly after refueling, the shed was discovered on fire.

The report goes on to say authorities believe the homeowner went into the shed to "put out the fire, but never made it out."

This may be the first death related to Hurricane Delta, but we will know more when deputies release more information.

In the meantime, remember to practice safety when operating generator safety by following these tips from the State Fire Marshal.

DON’T place a generator inside of ANY structure
DON’T place a generator near open doors and/windows (20 ft away from the home is ideal)
DON’T refuel a generator when hot

KATC also reported that approximately half of the deaths attributed to Laura were related to generators.

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