As the incoming administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are one day away from replacing Donald Trump, several celebs are pushing for justice. During the 2016 presidential election, a group of music stars teamed up with the Mic Media Co. to produce a video to bring awareness to the senseless deaths of unarmed people of color at the hands of police. 23 Ways You Can Be Killed If You Are Black in America highlights the heinous and undeniable systemic racism that exists within U.S. police departments.

Something has to change. Now! It's no secret African American voters played a significant role in electing Biden and Harris, but also Warnock and Ossoff to take control of the U.S. Senate. Therefore, the new administration owes communities of color legislation to ensure justice will be upheld and the unspeakable killings will cease. More celebs have jumped onboard to demand a Racial Justice Commission be formed to address the ongoing injustice.

Together with the #breathewithme Revolution and the Black Music Action Coalition, another PSA has been released to push for an immediate action on this issue. Naming even more people of color unjustly murdered by police is the latest presentation 17 Ways Black People Are Killed in America.

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