The Louisiana State Bond Commission has come through for SWLA after FEMA failed us by not completely funding school repairs.

State Government Mull Reopening Schools
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The Louisiana Treasury Department is reporting that $50 million will be allocated in revenue bonds to help continue the construction projects rebuilding Calcasieu Parish schools. These schools were damaged during hurricanes Laura and Delta and still have much needed repairs.

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State Treasurer John M. Schroder told KPLC:

A year after two devastating hurricanes, Calcasieu Parish is struggling to rebuild because FEMA works at the pace of a snail. Students are trying to learn in schools with leaky roofs. This bond issue will allow repairs on schools to resume.

Schroder went on to say that he hopes the SWLA delegation in Washington, D.C. can convince the federal government and FEMA to hurry up and give our area all the assistance we need to recover. He added, we can't forget about Southwest Louisiana.

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FEMA is blaming the halt of money on paperwork. The organization says that the Calcasieu Parish School Board has to fix issues with documentation before the construction projects can resume.

Here's how the CPSB has paid for the initial repairs on schools:

  • $40 million in insurance proceeds
  • $20 million from the CPSB General Fund
  • $100 million in bond proceeds

Of the over $300 million in reimbursement requests sent to FEMA, they have only currently reimbursed $116,000 to the CPSB.

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FEMA officials say they hope to have the issues resolved soon and coordinate with the Calcasieu Parish School board on four construction projects by September 24.

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