Tuesday, September 22, State Representative Wilford Carter gave his opinion on FEMA's response to Hurricane Laura victims to KPLC. Let's just say, Carter has never been one to bite his tongue and called the government's emergency assistance, or lack thereof, very disappointing. The former Calcasieu Parish judge said SWLA residents are forced to take up residence elsewhere because there's nowhere to live. People who had massive damage to their property/residence, need to be able to oversee repairs, Carter said.

The District 34 State Rep. cited in the past that FEMA brought in trailers as temporary shelters for hurricane victims. This time around, they provided nothing and because of that, residents who lost their homes have to live in other cities and states. On top of that, Louisiana is losing thousands of students because parents are forced to enroll their children in other school districts. It's a mess! Carter made a point to express gratitude for all of the local and national assistance from all the wonderful volunteers who've been pitching to help with rebuilding efforts. Their generosity is greatly appreciated.

However, he's not letting the government off the hook. A native of Lake Charles, seeing the demolished homes and devastation to businesses in the city is personal. Being a businessman and contractor himself, Carter understands that most of the homes are too damaged to be renovated. This is why Laura victims need more funding from FEMA and temporary housing to oversee their properties rebuild if that's an option. The Louisiana Representative said Trump's decision to take $44 billion from FEMA's Disaster Relief funding is a direct reason in why the agency's response has been so disappointing.

For more on what Rep. Wilford Carter said about the governments poor Hurricane Laura response click here.

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The Power of Hurricane Laura

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