Stephen A. SmithJay Z Colin Kaepernick

The famous ESPN analyst told viewers Colin's workout was a legit look. He went on to say the only way he couldn't get a job with the NFL, is if he says something incredibly stupid and plays horribly. Steven A. said if you heard that Kaepernick was in top shape and works out everyday for hours on's true! Though he wouldn't say where, Smith revealed he's seem Colin practice and promised he was is in magnificent shape and ready to go.

Yet, some are a little uneasy about Saturday's workout. ESPN's Domonique Foxworth, feels some type of way about the announcement being last minute. He and others don't like the fact that Kaeps workout is private and it's a league organized event, and not something set-up by the teams. Foxworth explained this scenario almost never happens, that if the NFL always scouts a player at the league combine. The sports host added that teams and the athletes their interested in, are given a few months to prepare before the workout. In this case Kaep hads four days to get ready.

Stephen A. didn't express any concern about whether the former 49ers star would be able to secure himself a new future in the NFL. He says the man is in A-1 condition! As far as giving credit to the architect behind Kaeps golden opportunity, the First Take host said only one name comes to mind...

At the end of the day, if your don't have to get ready. I believe Colin is going to show-up and show-out this weekend. We are pulling for you man!