The city of Sulphur has been having ongoing water issues for quite some time now. Residents have shared photos, videos, and stories of the poor quality of the water. The city has recently sent out another round, according to residents, of a letter to notify them that the water treatment system in place is in violation according to the state.

S. Pickering
S. Pickering

The letter discusses that the Louisiana Department of Health has found evidence of contaminants in the water and that the water plant is required to notify users of their service that they will be monitoring the water with samples over a certain amount of time. According to many residents in the area, this is not the first nor second time they have received letters stating that their water has issues and is being monitored.

It does seem that the city is making progress to fix the ongoing issue. The Verdine Street Water Plant finally received two filter media units to bring online and place them into service according to an article on KPLC. The article talks about how the vessels could just be a temporary fix and that a new well is being dug to further help the issue that has been going on for over two years now.

None of this is an easy task, nor a project to complete. The city has been working on trying to improve its water issues since 2019. With the onset of COVID-19 and then our natural disasters, the project has been delayed over and over again. Let's just hope the city can get back on its feet soon, and not after another two years of waiting.

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