It seems just as soon as the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza came waltzing back into our lives, it was gone again to get smokes at the gas station. I ran around recently trying to actually find one. I was thinking I was being smart and waiting for the hype to calm down with it. Well, I wasn't wrong. The hype calmed down, but that's because they're all sold out. It seems Taco Bell is experiencing an unexpected shortage of ingredients for the Italian Mexican crossbreed. They even went as far as sending out a Tweet about it.

Upside, they did confirm that the pizza will be permanent on the menu, but they just have to get caught up with all of the right ingredients. I am assuming the missing ingredient is the flat taco shells. What could have caused this unexpected shortage?


On the day of its official release, Taco Bell reported that they saw over seven times the demand for the pizza from when it was a steady item on the menu. They also didn't limit the amount one person could order. One store in California sold 180 pizzas to a single person. That seems a bit excessive. Most stores were reporting that they had sold over 1000 in a single day even.

Taco Bell assures fans of the pizza that it will return once they figure out their supplies. However, we may not see its return until the end of summer or the beginning of fall. By then, it'll be a whole craze once again!

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