There's no better way for a company to say thank you to employees than to show some gratitude and add extra dollars on the ol' paycheck. That is exactly what department store giant Target is doing.

The company says they are making investments in their workers, and I personally think they are on to something. When workers feel good about their jobs, they do them better. Monday, Target announced they were giving company-wide bonuses to recognize team members for going over and above during the pandemic.

This is actually the fifth time in a little more than a year that Target has recognized its employees with bonuses. The retailer raised hourly wages from $13 to $15 in July 2020 and gave out company-wide $200 bonuses as the coronavirus brought the country to its knees.

Investing in their frontline workers has paid off for the retail giant and helped them not only remain open throughout the health crisis in America, but profit as well. In addition,  Target provides their workers with COVID-19 benefits including paid leave for senior workers 65 and older as well as free counseling and health care through virtual doctor visits. Now that's how it should be done!

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