A video featuring kids Kindezi at Gideons Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is going viral for all the right reasons. Amidst fears of COVID outbreaks, schools in Georgia started back up last week. Everyone is on edge as new cases of the virus are surging across the country. With schools back in session, stress is even higher with kids being more vulnerable to infection and illness.

One teacher has decided to begin the year on a positive note. Neffiteria Acker is a fourth-grade teacher who came up with the perfect way to welcome kids back to class. She held a mirror and invited each student to stand in front of it and say something positive about themselves. The video has since gone viral and gotten the attention of the local news. When asked about what inspired her to use the encouraging method, Mrs. Aker said

“I practice positive affirmations with myself in the morning. I practice them with my daughter who’s five years old, and, I’ve seen just a tremendous amount of confidence and self-value increase with her.”

The fourth-grade teacher added. “So, I decided to do it with our students.”

Thank you Mrs. Aker for being a light in dark times! God bless you and your students.

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