Back in October of 2017 actor Terry Crews claimed a Hollywood agent groped his genitals at an industry function in 2016 with his wife standing next to him. He later revealed the persons' name and has since filed a criminal complaint which has, in turn, led to a civil suit.

At the stipulation of lawyers of the alleged offender, WME agent Adam Venit, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has agreed to submit to a mental health exam to aid in proving to a court he was assaulted.

Crews will participate in a 7-hour exam with a doctor that both sides "mutually agreed upon", said TMZ. The news site went on to add, "According to the docs, the exam will include a "comprehensive psycho-social and medical history and the administration of mental status testing and psychological testing."

Adam Venit has since denied the allegations, citing Crews wasn't injured and that his actions weren't sexual. Sources close to Venit also claim he had too many drinks that night and the groping was "horseplay", and that he apologized to Terry the next day.

So he admits he did it? Well then.

Let's assume that Venit groping Terry Crews wasn't meant to be sexual. The fact still remains, it's not right! You don't go around grabbing people's genitals without their permission. C'mon son! On top of it, Venit committed the act in front of Mrs. Crews. That's foul.

Terry Crews could have easily beat Venit down, but he did not at the advice of his wife. He didn't want to risk being blackballed by the business, the same thing that's happened to so many others, especially females in the industry. If Venit was comfortable enough to grope Crews, just imagine who else he's probably groped and passed it off as just "horseplay."

I hope this teaches Venit a lesson to keep his hands to himself going forward. And I would also hope that Crews is out to prove a point and not to just seek financial gain from the ordeal.

[Source: TMZ]


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