As I sit here this morning writing this post. I am a little tired from not going to sleep until 2 am this morning and having to be up to assist with setting up with my fellow members for the Nami Walks.

This is the second year that I was able to participate in the walk and it's starting to really pick up and make an impact on the community. The honorable Mayor of Lake Charles Nic Hunter presented a certificate to Nami on this day and the outpouring of support was great. I became a board member last year and wanted to really get behind  this organization on behalf of my cousin Luvelle Matthews. He's no longer with us, but he along with my mother and grand mother were positive influences in my life.

The mission of Nami is to help those who may be dealing with a mental illness not to be afraid of the disease. There are treatments and there is help that is available not only for those dealing with mental illness, but family members in need of support as well. Check out some photos from the event and be on the lookout for more great events coming soon.

Also make it a point to be there to support next year. Even if you are not someone dealing with a mental illness. It's great to be able to come out as a community and let those who are dealing with it see how much support they have.

Erik Tee/ Nami Walks 2018