One of the most memorable groups from the late seventies and eighties had to be The Commodores. I remember this group that originated from Alabama with then lead singer Lionel Richie was the talk of the town. They had funky songs like Brick House to ballads like Just To Be Close to You. There was also a gospel-themed song many remember called Jesus Is Love.

Well, good news as The Golden Nugget just released that they are bringing The Commodores to Lake Charles on September 17. I heard over the weekend that D.L. Hughley tore the stage down, now get ready to really have a party. Tickets for the concert will go on sale to the public this Friday at 10:00am, and if you know like I know, this is going to be a sold out show.

If you are looking for a celebration, I believe this may be the one to make plans for. I have seen these guys in concert before and they would put any group out now to shame. Make sure you secure your tickets this Friday before they sell out.

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