While the latest challenge seems like a clip from Ridiculousness, the Crate Challenge is the new wave that is taking over social media and going viral. When I first saw it, I could not believe what I was watching. There are people who are stacking a pyramid of milk crates to the highest and people are attempting to walk from one side of the milk crates to the end. Here is a compilation of some of the wildest ones that I have seen so far. While it appears to be all in fun. We have to deal with reality of this which is what I will touch on after you watch them.

Sure it there have been plenty of challenges which have taken over the world. Some of them were actually for a good cause like the Ice Bucket Challenge which was created as a way to bring awareness to ALS, which motor neuron disease. However, the Crate Challenge is not that. Honestly, it's another creation of people wanting their 15 minutes, and it's going to end of being a week stay or longer in the hospital if the wrong person gets injured because of it. We know how influential social media is and I am afraid that the wrong person is going to attempt this challenge and someone will be seriously hurt or withstand injuries that could lead to death. YK Osiris is the latest celebrity to take on the challenge which apparently has a grand behind it courtesy of rapper Boosie Badazz. Check out his quick attempt at the challenge.

YK Osiris does Crate Challenge:

Boosie Offering $1,000 For Anyone Who Can Complete The Crate Challenge:

Alright everyone it's all good to have a laugh until someone is hurt in a major way. I personally hope that this challenge is over this week and that we can focus on funny movies or going back outside and playing until the street lights come on, but the Crate Challenge is not the thing to do. What's even funnier is that these are the same things we used to use as Deejays when we were going club to club back in the day. Let's leave it for that or possibly what it was meant for and that's delivering milk. Am I wishful thinking? Sure, but at least it's safer than doing this challenge.

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