While I am far from where I want to be health-wise. I can honestly say that I am not where I once was in life. I made the commitment to do more than just add a withdrawal from my bank account and utilize what I am paying for. Yesterday was my 3rd day in the gym which means I have been in there since the beginning of the new year and I have no plans of looking back anytime soon.

Just like anyone else since Thanksgiving, I have been eating and treating myself to things that I wouldn't normally eat on a regular day, but sometimes I feel that you owe it to yourself to splurge as long as you know to get back on track. When I went to the gym yesterday I saw plenty of new faces in the gym and I also saw some that may have overdone it on what could have been the first day in a long time.

I want to send a message out to those who have been going consistently and to those who are just getting started. We know that the gyms will be packed and many of the machines that we want to use will probably be occupied or will have a long wait. If that is the case don't be inconsiderate and rush people off. Try to be patient and work on another part of your body or just take a break. Many like to kick off the year with a new year, new me approach and there is nothing wrong with that. But for the OG's in the gym, remember we all had a starting point where we were moving around and getting familiar with machines that we had never used.

Keep in mind as well that there is a way to help someone without being pushy or overly aggressive with them. The first part of the year is usually the busiest and many people will get started and some will stop for reasons we may not know. That doesn't make you a bad person at all. It simply means that you have the opportunity to start all over again as many times as you need to.


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