I remember when I was in high school and I was taken over by a feeling of wanting to know more about my heritage. We had all heard about Dr. Martin Luther King and while he is respected and created many platforms for us, I knew there was a little more as well. I got with a few of my friends and we came together to create the Black Nation Tribe.

The point of the group for me was to be able to learn about even more in the culture, including Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglas, and more. I also wanted to be able to do things in my community and show that the younger generation cares. I remember when the local television station came out and filmed us while we were doing a community cleanup.

It felt good to be able to do more than be labeled as a problem in our community. We would often get together and talk about books we had read and how we were affected by them. Unfortunately, as with all things, it eventually came to an end.

Everyone went their different ways and lost sight of what the initial goal was. However, Black History is still as important to me now as ever. I am still of fan of great documentaries and movies on our culture. I am also a fan of reading books on creating generational wealth for myself and my family. While February is labeled as Black History Month, there is no doubt we have something to be proud about every day.

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