Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a picky eater. I mean you would never tell by looking at me. I am 6'5 and 270 pounds so I look like I like to eat but in actuality, I didn't really eat a variety of things.

You are going to think I am crazy but I don't like salads at all. Something about cold leaves doesn't blow my skirt up. I also don't like mustard and mayonnaise so that rules out potato salad, ham sandwiches, and deviled eggs.

I am just super picky and I am also the kind of guy that reads the labels on products at the grocery store. It's a good thing most of the time but not in this instance.

The other day I was grocery shopping with my wife and we were in the tuna fish aisle (which by the way I will not eat) when I saw a can of potted meat. My first question was "What the heck is potted meat and my next thought was, What is actually in it?"

I wish I wasn't curious enough to find out because when I picked up the can and turned it around to read the ingredients, I was disgusted. Get ready for this.

Photo by Mike Soileau TSM
Photo by Mike Soileau TSM

The first line of the ingredients said it contained Mechanically separated chicken and pork! First off the combo of the two doesn't sound appetizing anyway but to picture of the two getting totally ripped apart by a machine turned my stomach lol.

Then it said it had vinegar in it which now sounds like the pork and chicken have been pickled. Then I went on to read words I had no idea what they meant, I mean I was never good at chemistry anyway.

Is it good? I have no clue and have no plans to find out. Good luck to you if you decided to eat some pickled chicken and pork that have been ripped up by some transformers. YUM.

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