Wearing gloves can be an essential part of fighting the spread of COVID-19 because they protect us when touching surfaces.

Wexner Medical says wearing gloves can give people a false sense of security. The virus attaches well to latex and other gloves. If you touch your face at any point while wearing gloves, you could expose yourself to the virus.

This got me thinking about the proper steps we should take when wearing gloves.

Here are the Do's and Dont's:

  • Do- Wash your hands before and after wearing gloves. You can sanitize the gloves while wearing them but it is very important to not reuse the gloves.
  • Do- Wear gloves when taking care of sick people. Make sure to wash the laundry of this sick person with gloves and to remove after loading and before touching anything else.
  • Don't- Remove gloves too quickly. Proper removal is very important so you do not cross-contaminate. Remove your left glove with your right glove hand by grabbing the center of the glove and pulling down. Then, take your clean pointer finger and slide it inside the right-hand glove and pull it inside out.
  • Don't- touch your face at any time while wearing gloves. Everything you touch while wearing that pair of gloves will be possibly spreading the virus.
  • Do- Practice proper hygiene everyday. Wash your hands for twenty seconds, removing your gloves after every use, and sanitizing surfaces throughout your day. Dispose of your dirty gloves into a trashcan.

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