For those who may not know about the All New Magic 92.1, this is the station that plays the best in R&B from today and back in the day. However, we can't have it without a little spice. The Zydeco Jamboree has been a staple on 107 Jamz for over ten years, but with the introduction of the new station, I thought it would only be fitting to give The Zydeco Jamboree a new home.

So with that being said, we will be bringing The Zydeco Jamboree to Lake Charles New Home For R&B, The All New Magic 92.1 this Saturday. We are also giving the show an additional hour, as we will kick it off at 8:00am and go until 12:00pm. We will still be bringing you the best in Zydeco music, and we will also feature special guests.

All of your favorite artists like Keith Frank, J. Paul, Chris Ardoin, Sean Ardoin, Lil Nate, and more will all be in one place. So don't miss The Zydeco Jamboree kicking off this Saturday morning at 8:00am on the all new Magic 92.1. Also, remember to tap the app and take us with you on the road when you're moving around.

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