If you have been around as long as I have, you have played Mortal Kombat once in your life. You should have also seen the original movie released back in the '80s along with Mortal Kombat Annihilation, which they could have kept. Well, as we are currently dealing with a hell of a winter storm from Louisiana to Texas and all points around and in between, I saw something that really piqued my interest.

I had been hearing about them releasing a new Mortal Kombat movie, but I simply didn't get too excited about it. There were fan made trailers over the years, but nothing concrete. That is until today. The trailer kept me on the edge of my seat and for almost three minutes, it convinced me April can't get here quick enough.

While it will be released as a theatrical debut as well as on HBO Max, it is not going to pull out the big numbers the movie deserves. However, people will still be excited about it and will watch it once it's released in April. Right now, the world is going through it. Whether it still dealing with the pandemic, the winter storm, or hurricanes. We need to have something like this to get us back to some type of normality. My excitement is on ten for this one. As I send out love to all of our friends dealing with this horrible weather now, keep the faith and know things will turn out well for us on the other side. Let's get prepared for the Mortal Kombat movie dropping soon.

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