I have seen things like this on the internet time and time again. The fact that it has been done in Sulphur is just absolutely hilarious to me. We see roadkill all of the time around SWLA, but never with any encouragement to get better.

Roger Fontenot
Roger Fontenot

It seems someone decided that this poor armadillo needed some encouragement to feel better after a traumatic accident on Burton in Sulphur. They took the time to loop a balloon that literally says "Get Well Soon" on it and leave it there for people passing by. Should we mock a dead animal? Probably not. I do have to tell you, I was having a rough morning until I saw this photo from Roger Fontenot on Facebook and proceeded to laugh my head off at it. I then went back and looked at it again and laughed some more.

Sometimes just the most random things can turn your day around. This one truly did. I also see the balloon as a safety marker for other passers-by so they know to avoid something on the side of the road. See, they were doing us all a favor. Don't worry little buddy, you didn't die in vain. You made the day for a few people. Rest in peace Arny the Armadillo.

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