LSU fans everywhere always talk about the famous "Earthquake Game" that happened back in 1988. The almost 80,000 fans caused enough of a ruckus to register on the school's seismograph. That is absolutely insane, and always will be an amazing story. Fast forward to Garth Brooks in concert at Tiger Stadium.

As the country giant started "Callin' Baton Rouge", the crowd erupted and, once again, caused a shake amongst the almost 104,000 fans all celebrating hearing the LSU theme song live from the man himself. The seismographs did indeed record a small earthquake around 9:30 pm which was around the time Brooks cranked up the song.

Jacques Doucet WAFB
Jacques Doucet WAFB

As a result, another quake went into the history books for the stadium. Now, it's being commemorated by a mural placed at gates 103-106 at Tiger stadium. The mural on the wall shows the catch made by Eddie Fuller on one side. In the center is a graphic of a huge crack running down the wall with Brooks on the other side from his show. "The Valley Shook" sits proudly above the two along with various stats and facts about each earth-shaking episode.

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