Recent rumors about LSU's Coach Ed Orgeron have prompted the internet to get creative with a selfie that has been circulating online.

The TikTok was posted by @southern.hospitality and you can check it out for yourself below

The rumors have been swirling around the internet concerning Coach O's love life. If you want to check out some of that drama, you can find it here.

Aside from whatever allegations or rumors may be going around about the beloved LSU head football coach, this TikTok is flat out funny!

The mashup with the 'Ying Yang Twins' may be the collaboration we never knew was desperately needed in the world.

While I'm sure Coach Orgeron doesn't enjoy his private love life being discussed on the internet, I think that if he came across this video he would probably chuckle a little bit too.

Whatever the internet may say, Coach O has always carried himself as a leader and a respected figure across Louisiana. I hope that people take it easy on the Tigers Coach and let him enjoy whoever's company he likes!


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