Lord, I ran across a rabbit hole last night on TikTok. First of all, yes, the famous TikTok star Stalekracker is a Louisiana State Trooper, Trooper Justin Chiasson. That part floored me at first, but then we get into the story of a boat crash he was involved in. I ran across this story and my mouth hit the floor.


Some have compared the TikTok Cajun "Chef" to the likes of Justin Wilson as people rave about his recipes and various famous phrases. Stalekracker has toured all over Louisiana and even across the United States cooking for various events and people showing off what "real" Louisiana cooking is all about. I really never thought about what he did for a job, until now.

According to WBRZ, Chiasson was a passenger on a boat back in July. The boat he was riding in was being captained by Bryan Nolan. The boat the two men were on collided with a pontoon boat and then Nolan fled the scene of the incident. The boating accident happened in Assumption Parish. Luckily, an off-duty parish deputy came across the scene and was able to help the boaters that were struck by Nolan and Chiasson.

WBRZ confirmed that Chiasson, Stalekracker, indeed never reported the incident after it happened. The captain of the boat, Nolan, was eventually arrested and charged with hit and run and a DWI. He was arrested over a week later for negligent injuring and then two counts of careless operation of a watercraft.

Although the wreck itself happened in July, nothing was done to Chiasson until recently this month when an administrative investigation was initiated by State Police Colonel Lamar Davis. Currently, Chiasson has been put on leave until the investigation can be completed and then sent on to the disciplinary panel for review. Once the panel reviews the findings of the investigation, a decision will be made on the disciplinary actions for Trooper Chiasson.

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