A racist female customer got what she deserved after calling Miami legend Trina a n***** b**** at a Florida Walmart. TMZ reports the bigot picked the wrong one to hurl racial slurs at that's for sure. The famous rap femcee went 0 to 100 after being publicly disrespected by the woman, and begged her to repeat the nasty insults.

Trina squared up with the ignorant customer and promised to deliver a lethal azz-whoppin' if she dared. The famous rap star shouted,"Say it again you dirty-ass b##ch! I am a n##ger b##ch? Say it again! I dare you to say it!" Peep the video below:

The Cooper City, Florida Police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made. Witnesses told authorities the woman went into a racist tirade because the rap icon accidently bumped into her while shopping. They don't call her the baddest chick for nothing, because the star immediately squared up with the woman and dared her to repeat what she said. Of course she didn't dare and quickly ushered herself out the nearest exit.

In more news, in Houston over the weekend, some overzealous fans of Travis Scott caused a stampede at the concert series he brings to his hometown every year. AllHipHop reports this years Astroworld Fest sold 50 thousand tickets prior to the list of artists appearing at the event was ever released!

Scott is at the height of his career right now, and with 21.2 million followers on Instagram alone, it's safe to say the rapper is insanely popular right now. Still...fans lost their minds when doors opened at Houston's NRG Stadium Saturday November 9.

Festival goers bolted through the doors, running and jumping over barricades to enter the stadium. Three fans were seriously injured and had to be hospitalized in the chaos. It's amazing that no one got killed or more were injured. Thankfully the mayhem simmered down and the concert proceeded without a hitch.

Scott brought out The Migos, Young Thug, Pharrell and more.

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