Don't look now but there might be another disturbance forming in this early hurricane season.

Ana formed in late May even before hurricane season officially started. Now it looks like the tropics are heating up once again as we enter the second week of June.

The National Hurricane Center says the area of disturbed weather is located off the coast of Central America in the Caribbean sea and is expected to possibly form either Thursday or Friday.

However, they are only giving it a 20% chance of formation at this time. If formation does occur, they expect the area of disturbed weather to start moving northwest toward the Central America area.

We are not saying it's coming toward us here in Southwest Louisiana, but now would be the time to start putting your plan in place, not because of this storm but because we are early in the hurricane season and it is always good to be prepared.

We have all been through this before, so you know what essentials you will need if you stay behind for any storm. We all know to well after two hurricanes last year what we will need to have before, during, and after any storm that may come our way.

Essential Items for Your Hurricane Kit

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