I have always heard stories about haunted houses around the Lake Area but have never really experienced any of it myself. For those of you that ever had the chance to meet Denver that worked at the Lake Charles Civic Center, I swear he still walks around that building and so do most of the workers.

I realize we are past Halloween, but this is too cool of a story and video not to share. The house Grant decides to stay in was built way back in the early 1900s. It has been lived in off and on until Rita came along, then Laura took the last residents out of it officially. Currently, the house is in severe disrepair, so what better time to stay the night in it? It's like a free Air Bnb but with nothing fancy. You know, like running water or electricity. The house is currently being remodeled in order to actually make it into a true "Haunted Air BnB".

YouTube Grant Navarre
YouTube Grant Navarre

As Grant builds his little camping setup for the night, he gets a rundown of what he could possibly expect into the night. He was equipped with various "ghost hunting" items to hopefully detect some house guests while he is exploring the house through the night. He also had some cameras set up to catch anything that decides to take a walk around the house.

Navarre sets up on a blowup mattress and tucks in for the night after having a glass or two of wine, I would need all of the alcohol in SWLA to do this. Does he find anything? That's what the video will show. Without a spoiler alert, I will tell you they did observe "orbs" numerous times.

He was indeed successful in staying the night and shared the story of the house. I was totally creeped out about the history of the house and watching them all walk around. Thankfully, it's the last scary story I have to deal with at least until next Halloween!

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