January 11, 1973. Lake Charles was blanketed in snow. What made this snow storm so special? Well, other than the fact it was snow in Southwest Louisiana, it was also the most snow that had fallen in the lake area since 1895. Lake Charles received four inches of snow that day in 1973. Later, in 1895, it was 22 inches over two days. The interesting part about that 1895 snow was that it happened between February 14 to 16.

I can remember the 1.6 inches of snow we received in 1988. I was at my grandmother's house. She had a giant backyard and I remember my uncle trying to teach me how to make a snowball. My grandmother kept nailing me with them, I just couldn't figure out how to do it. She also told his days prior that she knew it would snow because of the way her garden was starting to hibernate. She always had weird wives tales on how to tell the weather.

I ran across a video on YouTube from user Bledsoe Texas. They describe the film starting off with images of the newly built Lake Charles Civic Center and a few other things. Then, the last part of it shows the streets and homes in a Lake Charles neighborhood covered in snow. It's kind of neat to see the area blanketed and realize we might see the same thing very soon in our area.

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