Soon, the DeQuincy Sale Barn will be just a distant memory for a lot of people. It was more than just a place to buy and sell, it was a school for upcoming cowboys and cowgirls, it was a family reunion place, it was a hangout, and sometimes it was even a place to meet a future loved one. No matter what, it held a special place in a lot of hearts full of memories from the past.

YouTube, hashtagtractorin
YouTube, hashtagtractorin

Just like most things, the sale barn was devastated by Hurricane Laura and would not be able to make a comeback. Now, it is set to be demolished. The pens have been sold off to Kinder and have been claimed. Now, the only thing that stands, for now, is the giant barn itself.


A video was posted on October 17 that takes us through the old barn and gives us an inside look at its current condition before it gets torn down. You can see the old steps and even all of the stadium seats still inside the auction area. You can see how grown up all of the grass and vines are around the pens and the ceiling falling in on itself. The comments on the video just make you all nostalgic with people telling stories of how their families would pile in on a weekend and get the famous peanuts and hamburgers as their dad or grandfather would be there selling and buying.

It's basically the death of a landmark. If you came to DeQuincy, you had to pass this place.

After the video was shared across Facebook by hashtagtractorin, people began to ask a ton of questions as to what will be done as it is scrapped. I dug around and found said info for you! The company responsible for demolishing and scrapping the barn is Hanks Construction Services. The company plans on keeping some of the materials they scrap but would be willing to part with things from the barn, at the right price I would assume. You can reach out to them at 337-309-7137.


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